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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Destruction of Americana

This afternoon, I was lying on the couch reading, when I heard the all too familiar sound of a sledghammer banging away next door. But wait...hadn't they already destroyed everything possible already??? Oh no. Not the BBQ pit! I called my son and asked him to look out the back door for me. I was too afraid at what I may see. He came. He looked. Yes, it was the BBQ pit.

I wanted to yell at those idiots and tell them to stop, but hey, it's not my house...nor is it my old neighbor-lady's home anymore, either. The new owner (whom I've yet to meet, but have seen) is of a Latin American decent. I guess he didn't realize what a piece of authentic Americana he had in his new yard. So, so heartbreaking...

It's gone. After the workers left, I went over and swiped a brick as a memento. Yeah, I'm weird like that. Now, I can't wait for them to put a fence up. None of my immediate neighbors ever had a fence, but I know these folks will put one up, and probably soon. That's fine with me. It scares me to think of what they're going to do to that old house, and I'd rather not have to look at it everytime I go outside.
On the lighter side, Aidan was being a goofball today. He decided to ham it up for the camera, so here are a few shots.

He's a constant pain in the butt, but I love him to death! Isn't he a cutie?

He has been showering Indy with hugs and kisses lately, and she has been letting him. Tonight he tripped over her and was very upset and apologized to her profusely. I think she accepted his apology :)

Yes, he ran around in just his underwear for most of the day. Hey, it's over 90 degrees outside!
Tomorrow is going to be a chore/caching day. Fun, fun, but today was a bomb as I had another migraine and didn't do squat. I owe it to the kids to get them out of the house tomorrow and have some fun!


ChrisB said...

I love those shots of Aiden ihe reminds me of my youngest grandson (Ben) who is always ready to play up for the camera.
I have posted my meme.

Anonymous said...

Just a "WARNING" I ran around till I started school in nothing but underpants (to my sister great disapproval) See how I turn out. One of the family stories is that my sister was trying to shame me into putting on clothing. Her boyfriend was comming over did I want BOB to see me in those old ratty underpants. So I went and changed into my frilly Sunday go meeting underpants, what could be better.

misti said...

My grandmother used to have one of those grills in her backyard. It wasn't used for years after my grandfather died, but my mom said she remembered him using it a lot.

LOL Aidan is always a crack-up!

SwampAngel65 said...

Well, I ran around in nothing but my underwear until I started school also, but mainly because we had no AC and it was HOT! I have pictures to prove it, too. I want him to enjoy the freedom of it before society's expectations kick in. I love it when he plays out back in the hose or his pool and is completely buckass nekkid. The joys of youth!!!

lisaschaos said...

I would think you would run around in your undies when it's that hot too. I would melt.