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Sunday, June 29, 2008

So ugly it's cute

My old neighbor-lady's house was sold and last week, the demolition/renovations began. Everyday there's a new pile of bricks and concrete piled up. I am keeping my fingers crossed they don't knowck down that old brick BBQ pit!

Anyway, i stepped out my garage door just now to survey the recent progress when a small movement caught my eye. It's an itty-bitty baby mockingbird that's currently sitting next to the neighbor's new air conditioner. I'm glad there seems to be no destruction going on today, but I'm so worried for this little guy! I fear the odds are not in his favor, being as little as he is and right in the heart of imminent destruction.

It didn't take long for mama to show up. Her squacks of disapproval were easily understood, so we backed off and let them have their peace. She fed him one of my grape tomatoes... I thought Mockingbirds only ate bugs.

Oh well, I'm happy to know my garden is helping this little one.

That's Mama in the Christmas Palm, telling us to back off!


Anonymous said...

So you can read the minds of a bird nowadays. That is very powerful!

The little fellow looks so helpless. I hope that it gets to survive for a lifetime.

lisaschaos said...

You're right, so ugle he's cute. :) Looks like he's doing good.