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Monday, June 2, 2008

Not an official Fun Monday

Having no computer, I didn't sign up for this week's Fun Moday. I wish I had, though. It's about things that you made yourself.

I've made a couple of really nice hiking sticks out fo melaleuca.
I built a big dollhouse when I lived in Texas. It was gorgeous, with wood flooring and electric. It was soooo nice. I gave to away when I moved back to Fla.
I used to draw alot. My mom has one of my drawings framed and hanging in her house.
I made two really great kids!
I went through a macrame phase when I was in junior high and made necklaces, bracelets, hanging baskets, etc. I'm actually thinking of starting up again and making some simple beaded bracelets to use as swag in caches.
I used to make some good cakes from scratch, but have not been in a baking mood for years now.
I KNOW there are more things, I just can't think of them at this moment.

I had a boyfriend once who called me MacGuyver because I was always able to fix things. The passenger door of his car would never open. So one day I took the door panel off and fixed it. Don't know how...I just did it. I'm like that.

Well, I doubt I'll have a new computer by next Monday, so who knows how long it will be before I'm really able to play with the Fun Monday gang. It's hard not being able to do any decent posting with pictures, too.

SCG offered a computer, but I'm going to see hwo long it will take me to save up for a new one first. If it appears hopeless, I may take him up on his kind offer.


ChrisB said...

Well it sounds like you have a made a lot of things over the years and if you can fix things you are a useful person to have around!

Faye said...

And the Boyfriend let his Fixit Girl go? Or did you do the "going"? Agree with Chris sounds like you made lots of things with your two hands over the years.

Hope you get your computer dilemma worked out. I would feel so stranded, as I'm sure you do.

Sayre said...

You sound like my kind of buddy! I love people who can do things for themselves.

I hope you get your computer woes straightened out... I hate doing without one!

IamwhoIam said...

Handy little devil to have around. Hope you get up and running soon on the computer front, maybe than you can change that god awful wallpaper

lisa marie said...

I used to draw too but haven't in ages.

It's cool fixing things, sometimes I manage to do that too.