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Friday, May 9, 2008

This day is going so SLOW!

Ya ever have one of those days when you look at the clock...go back to work...then look back at the clock expecting it to be an hour later...but not even 5 minutes have gone by? Yup. I'm having one of those days.

We're supposed to be going up to Lake Placid when I get home from work. I am sitting here making a list of things I don't want to forget and things I need to do before we leave (which means I'll have to run errands on my lunch break).

I need to go to the post office, go to the drug store to buy eye drops and a mother's day card. Oh, and wrapping paper for my sister's and BIL's birthday presents. Must also buy toilet paper! And pay bills before we leave, otherwise we'll spend all our money while we're gone and be like...d'uh...why did we do that?!?!

May is a hectic month for me. It's my step-daughter's birthday, my littlest one's birthday, my sister's birthday and Mother's Day. It's damn near like having to Christmas shop! My sister wants gardening things ot a "cool fruit tree". I bought her a bottle of locally made guava wine.'s actually pretty damn good. I'll have to get her some new pruners and Toby Keith's new cd, too, though.

For Mother's Day, I acquired an old sewing machine to give my mom. It's way cool - a 1906 Domestic Vibrator. Yes, that's what it says all fancy and victorian-like on the label. But trust me, it IS a sewing maching and nothing more! I would NOT get my Mom a vibrator...eww, gross. Ok, back to the machine. It's awesome! It's the old kind you pump a big peddle to run, not electric. It's in a nice wooden stand that has little drawers in it. It still has the original accessory kit and I even have the original warranty for it! My mom loves old things like that and I know she is going to love this. She'll probably set a vase next to it and plop it by the front door or something. Whatever, I know she'll enjoy it.

For Aidan's 4th birthday, the whole family has decided to chip in and we're going to get him one of those big Power Wheels John Deere utility cart looking things. It's battery powered and SO cool. Whenever we go to Toys R Us, he sits in it and says it's just like his Grandma's real one in Okeechobee (it is almost the same). I think it's about $400, so having everyone chip in for it is great! He is going to LOVE it and I can't wait for him to ride it. I'll post lots of pics, I'm sure.

Today is my oldest's first day at work. He got a job at a neaby Walgreens and had to be there at 8:00am this morning. He was already bitching about it last night. I told him he has to calm down and take it one day at a time. If he hates it, he can look for something else. It's not a career move! I have to take him to buy some pants soon because he's not allowed to wear jeans, and that's about all he owns. No big deal. I do agree with him, though, that his manager sounds like a real bitch. She told him at orientation to "come in tomorrow at 8." He said, "8 AM or 8 PM?" She said, "You HAVE to be flexible!" To which he replied, "I just want to know if you want me here at 8 in the morning or 8 at night, that's all." "8AM. And you have to be flexible!" Gawd, chill out woman! It just kind of rubbed him the wrong way. I don't blame him, but I told him she might be having a bad just don't know and to give it a chance. Wish him luck. I think he'll need it!

Gee look, this has wasted about 15 minutes! Only 4 1/2 more hours to go...woohoo.

I think I'll go travel around blog land and see what everyone else is up to.

Y'all have a great weekend!!


JG said...

I am sooo with you far I've loaded 3 pocket queries into gps and pda, printed out a cool topo map, paid my bills, recorded some new cd's for the Jeep and done my grocery shopping over lunch...Now I'm back with 4 hours to go and counting the seconds...It's been a very long week and I can't wait for it to be done

SwampAngel65 said...

Hey, JG! I forgot to load my gps and palm...D'Oh!!! Just one more thing to remember to di before I leave!

(PS I haven't forgotten about doing the write up. Can you send me a picture?)

nikki said...

I want a John Deer Power Wheels!

Blue Momma said...

I'm tired just reading all of the things you have to do!

We got Punkin a PW for Christmas and I was so excited! Of course he never rides it. We bought a helment for him (it goes pretty fast), and he HATES it! He'd probably ride it all of the time without it, but we haven't give in.

Boys. Shouldn't they wait to be difficult until they are a bit older?

SwampAngel65 said...

Oh, I didn't even think about a helmet for that!!! Hmmm...I think I'll wait and see how fast his goes before I pull a helmet out. It's so hot here, I bet he'd be like your Punkin and never ride it if I made him wear one all the time.