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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thrill for the day

I just stepped outside to show our messenger the cigar orchid that's blooming, and what did I see quietly slipping for cover? A coral snake! I had no time to run back in and get my camera...the little bugger wasn't going to wait for me... but he was so beautiful, his colors very vivid. Maybe he'd just shed?

A nice way to start the day!


It.z said...

Is that one of those poisonous ones? So how is someone able to tell if it is a coral snake?

SwampAngel65 said...

Poisonous? No. Venomous? Yes. If you bite it and it makes you sick, then it's poisonous. If it bites you and makes you sick, then it's venomous. That goes for everything, not just snakes.

Anyway...the head of a coral snake is black first (around it's "nose"), then yellow and black again. Scarlet King snakes have the same colors, but in a different order. I can always tell just from the head, but an easy way to remember is this little ditty:

"Red touches yellow, kill a fellow. Red touches black, friend of Jack."

Queenie said...

Yeaahhh you got your picture up top!!! :) And way cool about the snake this am. Kinda nice that he came by to say good morning. And the panther too. I am so jealous. LOL!

SwampAngel65 said...

Yeah, I finally finagled the html and got a picture up. Still makes me mad, though, that it won't do it the regualr way...oh well!

lisa marie said...

Yay snake! Ok, I would have been screaming! But, yeah, I would have ran for the camera.

Hey! You got your header/photo/thing to work. :)



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Bubbie said...

Hello fellow Floridian. Found your blog via lisa emrich's ms carnival of bloggers.
I'm on the west coast. I haven't seen a coral snake in years, but I did see a panther last year in Myakka state park.
Nice to meet another florida nature enthusiast. I grow orchids too, and love to photograph them and the local critters.

Dave said...

Hey I was looking for a panther picture. Did I miss something here? Red Sky @ Night, Sailor's Delight - Red Sky in Morning, Sailors take Warning! So you are saying Poison Ivy is not poisonous but venomous? I never heard of Venomous Ivy!! However, A dragon in hand is worth two in the bush! Get Thing One ready for some puzzle solving, tree climbing fun. Plus there is some more FTFs on the same canal as GUARDian of the Canal! An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away, If you have good Aim!! Swampy bottoms you take great pictures! Keep up the Good Work ~Cane

Dave said...

Cool pics but I don't see the FL Panther picture! Wait a minute are you saying Poison Ivy is Really Venom Ivy!!!

Sandcastle Momma said...

I haven't seen a coral snake since I was a kid. We have run into a few king snakes but I don't think there are that many coral snakes left here in Northwest Florida. The Army Rangers train here and put on a snake display each year. One of the rangers told me it's getting harder and harder to find the corals any more.