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Saturday, March 8, 2008

MS Walkathon

Tomorrow I'll be doing my walk for MS. I decided to do what they call the "virtual" walk. I don't understand why they call it that because you're still doing actual walking! It just gives you the freedom to choose when and where you'll do your walking. I'm going split my walk into two halves, each one at a different park (I get bored easily).

I'll leave link to my walkathon page up until tomorrow...just in case anyone out there wants to make a donation!

Today was supposed to be a caching day, but ended up being a cleaning day. I have a ceiling fan that's hanging from about a 20 foot ceiling. It hasn't been cleaned in a very, very long time. Last week, when I turned it on, these blobs of black crap came flying off. GROSS! So today I had my oldest son get the big ladder out of the garage so I could climb up and start the nasty job of removing the black crap. OMG. It was truly nasty. But now it is nice and clean and I should be able to go at least six months before I have to clean it again.

I still have so much to clean...the bedrooms, the kitchen, mop the floors, clean the windows, repaint my bathroom, dust, dust, dust!!!! It never ends. Someone once said that owning a home is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge- You finally get to the end and it's time to start it all over again.

Yup. When you own a home, the chores and "to do" lists never end!


misti said...

Just donated $20. Wish I could do more.

SwampAngel65 said...

That's super! Thanks so much!! I just checked and they have my donation page all screwed up...I've actually raised $610!!!! Way more than my original goal of $250 :) Thanks again {{{HUGS}}}