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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I really hate frogs.

Last night, my oldest and I decided to meet up with a couple of caching friends and go for a couple night caches located just outside of Everglades National Park. We loaded up our bikes (mine with an awesome new bike seat) and headed south to meet Ana and Peter. We got there right before dark, got out our bikes and hit the trail. It was an easy 2 mile trip out and 2 miles back...great weather and very few bugs. We started looking for the fire tacks that lead the way to the first cache, "Swamp Witch". At each fire tack, there was a "body part" hidden that corresponded to numbers that when combined, were the combination to a large locked box. At one of the stages, the guys yelled, "Snake!!!" I ran over and saw the cutest coral snake slithering away. Cool! It was fun. After finding that cache, we kept going in search of one called the "Fire Dragon". Same thing, look for fire tacks and find the cache. We made it back quickly and decided to start looking for a cache that was hidden in a large ficus tree next to where we parked. Beer bottle, junk...the area around the tree was loaded with crap. Ugh. We kept looking though. At one point, I was leaned in, looking through the roots and felt something wet hit my head. "Hey, is it raining?" "No." "Then who spit on my head???" "What?" I looked up and saw, to my horror, a tree frog right above me. OMG. I'd been pissed on by a frog...AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple people told me it was good luck. I think I was hit by the curse of the Swamp Witch.

Disgusting. Where was my blowgun when I needed it (the one I just purchased at the Skunk Ape Research Center in Ochopee)? I would've made that dang frog into frog shishkabob!

Lesson learned: Always look for frogs in trees. They WILL pee on you.


Sandcastle Momma said...

We've had a lot of adventures while caching but I've never been peed on by a frog. Sorry to laugh but it sounds hysterical (probably wouldn't have been so funny if it were me) I love night caches. We have a few good ones here and we are in the process of creating one ourselves. That's 2 coral snakes you've seen lately. How cool!

nikki said...

Does this fall along the lines of always cover a newborn baby boy's penis when changing their diaper?!

Sayre said...

I love tree frogs... sorry to laugh so hard but if you get under ANYTHING, it's a pretty sure bet you'll get peed on. Just be grateful it wasn't a horse.

lisa marie said...

I can't believe you guys night cache. Aren't you afraid of gators?

ew, frog pee!

Heather said...

ROTFLMAO. I'd rather get peed on by a frog than always be the one to step in the dog poo. It's like my shoe is a magnet for that stuff. I bet finding those caches was a blast. How was that new bike seat??

SwampAngel65 said...

Nah, Lisa..not afraid of the gators. Ya get used to them. Besides, they usually aren't way up on a high bank.

Heather, the new bike seat is GREAT! I love it! Looks really weird, but it is comfortable. Ana tried it out and she thinks it's weird, but my butt likes it alot.