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Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm a drop out

Well, ok then! Geesh! I drop out and start getting some demanding comments, so here then..I will tell you what I see on my way to work that makes me laugh:

Traffic lights. Yes traffic lights. A large majority of drivers down here seem to have their own ideas of what those purty colored lights are for. It's fun to count how many folks run the red lights or honk at someone because they don't peel out the milisecond the light turns green. Yellow means drive really, really fast! ("Sixteen Candles" reference there)

It also makes me laugh that on my way to work, out in the rural agricultural areas, people are FLYING down roads that have a 40 MPH speed limit. Not even 7am yet and they are on my ass trying to push me to go faster. Well, guess what buddy? I AM NOT IN A HURRY TO GET TO WORK! I OBEY THE LAW! You don't like it? Go around!

I saw something one time when I was little that put it all in perpective... I was flying with my Dad and started really paying attention to the cars on the road down below us. Now, here's this huge, long stretch of road that appears empty for a few miles except for the 6 cars that are up each other's butts. It just struck me as about the dumbest thing I'd ever seen. I've never forgotten it.

People drive like such brain-dead idiots down here.

So, are you happy now, Ms. Anonymous???


I am dropping out of today'sThis past week has been stressful and rainy and I never saw not one single thing on my way to work that made me laugh.

Plus, eventhough I signed up, I don't think my link was ever posted. Not a big deal!

Hopefully next week will have more sunshine and smiles in it, and I'll be ready to tackle the next assignment.


Anonymous said...

So Sad and we were looking forward to your post.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but we need a post. This my little tree hugging, orchid loving, snake cuddling friend is not acceptable, we will not take this "I'm a drop out"
Post a FUN Monday &#&(@) you, post.

SwampAngel65 said...


Anonymous said...

No, but at least no little duck will have to killed

Sayre said...

I'm sorry SwampAngel - I will have to go back and check my comments to see. I don't usually list someone unless they actually say something like COUNT ME IN, or I WANT TO PLAY. Leaving you off wasn't intentional.

And I'm also sorry that you don't see anything to laugh at on your way to work. Some days that's the only thing that gets me from A to B.

nikki said...

You should have posted a picture! Even if it was just a shot of the 6 car pile up!

It.z said...

Hugs! and more Hugs!

SwampAngel65 said...

Thanks, it.z!! And right back atcha!

lisa marie said...

You may not see neat things on your way to work but you do at work. :) I love your eggs and such. I remember the first time I came to your site you were showing some things you had seen in the woods. I want to say snails. Yep it was snails. :)