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Thursday, February 28, 2008


If you scroll down a bit, you'll see a post I made a few days ago about my inability to get a picture onto my header. If anyone has any ideas, hints or tricks, please let me know!

As I said before, I've tried the usual way more than once, and even tried it with a few different templates. The picture loads, but will not show up on the header! Could it be something wrong with my computer, or are others having the same problem?

The picture that is supposed to be on the header of this template doesn't even show up!

Help? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

you got me - but than again if you don't blog than I guess you don't know this stuff

Laura said...

"the picture loads, but it will not show up in my header." <---that's telling.
I have a Typepad blog, so I don't know blogger layouts very well, but I do have an old blogger account around here somewhere.
I'll see if I can go into it tomorrow and take a look around at the settings. If it looks familiar, I might be able to help you.
I loved the picture in the post below that you want to use as a header! Good luck :)

SophieMae said...

Doncha just love all these great doohickeys that never seem to work? I sure hope somone knows how to help. I'm about half useless until sombody shows me. 8-}

Dayngr said...

This should help:

Good luck!


It looks like you have been trying to edit the HTML for your template since the corners are no longer rounded and you mention that the 'swirly' image which goes with this template is not showing.

First I'd try to get back to the default of this template. Choose "Pick New Template" and reselect "Rounders 4" which should get the original image back.

Then under "Page Elements" click on edit for the Header box. Here you can upload a photo and choose how it is displayed.

It might be possible that you need to choose one of the other "Rounders" template to be able to display a photo in the header.

Other than these ideas, I'm not so sure because I've never tried to put an image in the header. But I do know another MSer who does have one. Maybe you can visit her an ask for advice.

She is Merelyme

I am Lisa

Hope this helps.

SwampAngel65 said...

Thanks for all your help! I am going to try all of your ideas...everything...and see what happens. I took some nice pics this weekend and would love to be able to put one of them on the header...keep your fingers crossed!

Heather said...

OK, I took a look at this. It appears that Blogger migrated to a content management system and "modularized" the components of the site. There had been some level of content management before, but you had more WYSIWYG control then.

Now it looks like you have three header choices. No picture, Picture, no text and text over the picture. I tried with my own blog and quickly discovered that you would want to load an image that you size for the page, approximately 730 pixels wide. There is no WYSIWYG alignment, etc... for the image - it is embedded using declared variables on a style sheet. The image is always flush to the left. Ick. What is funny is that if you look at the detail of the widget source code, they have even commented in that trying to get it aligned is pretty much a lost cause.

So what does that mean? If you aren't picky about alignment and have some photo editing software, you can create an image 730 pixels wide and upload it. If you want to clean up how it looks... well, that's a whole other exercise I decided I wasn't interested in pursuing. Gotta have a life.

SwampAngel65 said...

Thanks Heather! Half of what you said is totally Greek to me, but I get your drift. Maybe my problem is size. I did resize the picture, but maybe I need to resize it again. I'll work on that when I get home.

I still don't understand why the generic header background for this template won't show up.

Most folks seem to either love blogger or hate it. I am generally satisfied with it as it really pretty user friendly and easy to use. Plus it's free and I am very cheap...not FRUGAL!

heather said...

Looks like it worked - the rant is gone and the picture is great!

SwampAngel65 said...

I had to play alot with the html. It still makes me mad that it's not working like it should.