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Thursday, January 3, 2008

I ate Bambi...

...on Christmas Eve, and Bambi tasted real GOOD!

We went to my sister's for dinner on Christmas Eve. We were told my brother-in-law was grilling steaks. They looked like filet mignons and smelled wonderful! After everybody cleaned their plate, my sister (with a smirk on her face) asked me how I liked those "Omaha Steaks"? I knew right there something was up. You see, I've always refused to eat deer meat. I'd had it once in Texas and it was awful. My sister always told me I'd just never had it prepared right. She then announced I had just consumed deer. In fact, if you look at the picture below, you can see the remains of the Bambi we ate that night... it's the "European" mount in the center...just the skull and antlers. Can you see it?

Before the joke was played on me...a cozy table was set.

Ha, Ha! You ate a deer!

That's not his wine, I promise you!
He looks like a puppet. I have no idea what he was pretending.
My Mom and sister watching Aidan open a present...a talking Steve Irwin doll. I want one!!! It's very cool. He doesn't just talk, he tells entire stories!

I'm afraid of what will be on the menu next year, but if it tastes as good as that deer did...
BTW, things are thawing out here. It got up to 60 degrees this afternoon and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70's.


lisa's chaos said...

I can't believe you ate Bambi! :( I used to eat venison until I went with my parents hunting, never could I eat it after I saw the deer field dressed.

Anonymous said...

I like Thumper too. Yumm

Floridacracker said...

Sounds good ... one less garden destroyer.
What is that desert?

SwampAngel65 said...

FC, the dessert was my sister's bread pudding with a special whiskey is to die for!

Laura McIntyre said...

Aww poor Bambi, are seriously a Steve Irwin doll ? How cool

BTW Just new to your blog and wanted to stop in and say Hi :)