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Monday, November 26, 2007


We spent Thanksgiving at my Mom's in Okeechobee. We actually celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday since Thursday was my husband's birthday and my sister was busy packing for a week long camping/hunting trip. Friday was more convenient, and afterall, does it really matter that we did it a day late?

Before dinner was ready, the kids and I took a ride in Mom's not-really-a-golf-cart-thingy. We drove around the neighborhood and found this big guy on the side of the road...

I'm not sure if he's a Florida Redbelly (Pseudemys nelsoni) or Florida Cooter (pseudemys floridana). If anyone out there can tell, please let me know!

This is Mort, my sister's red-eared slider. She found it in her yard when it was the size of a quarter. I'm pretty sure Mort's a she, but no one listens to me and they keep calling her a he. Since Mort does not like to go camping in frigid weather, she'll be hanging out at our house for a week or two. She's a funny turtle...she'll follow you around the yard, loves to eat fresh caught bugs but won't turn down a thoughtfully placed finger, either! I think I'll fill up the baby pool and let her get in some good swim time.

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lisa's chaos said...

Looks like a great time! your son is so cute and the turtles look nice too.