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Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Saturday

Well, it was supposed to rain today and be yucky and blah, but it turned out to be a really nice day! Before me and the kiddos went to the Geo-Event, I walked around my yard and took a few pics. The first one is of this really strange fern my sister gave me. I have no idea what kind it is, so if anyones knows, please tell me!

This is my Voodoo Lily. I saw some at the Fruit & Spice park that were MUCH bigger, but I've only had mine for a short time and am quite happy with how they're growing.
This pic is for Misti. It's the White Beautyberry! If you look closely, you can see the berries - still green. Can't wait to see them turn white! Such a cool plant!

Ok, I know...another spider??? Yes, deal with it. This is a tropical orbweaver. They come out at night and build these crazy-big webs and look very creepy hanging out in them. In my yard, they tend to set up shop right in our walking paths. We all go outside at night armed with brooms, waving them out in front as we walk. When the sun comes up, they go into hiding in the leaves...that's what this one is doing, They look 100 times bigger at night and 1000 times creepier, too!
We went to a Geo-Event this afternnon that was just fantastic! It was in an air conditioned auditorium. Pizza, snacks, drinks and prizes for everyone! I walked away with a few coins, an ammo can to hide, a smaller container to hide and tons of smaller stuff that will be great for trade swag. It was awesome!! The host, Silly Gilley, has set the bar very high for the next person who holds an event. I'm having one November, but it's a CITO (cache in- trash out), so I'm not worried about presents and give-aways. He really went overboard, but it made for a great event.
After the event, we met up with a couple other cachers and went to find a very creepy cache...Redfoot. It's supposed to be a local legend, like the SwampApe. We had so much fun finding this one! I can't imagine doing it in the daylight. The scary factor is much higher at night! I don't want to give anything away in case any cachers happen to read this, but it is alot of fun :) 2 thumbs up! I'll probably have some pics of the event to post tomorrow in case anyone's interested. Until then...good night, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!


Sayre said...

Love your spider shot. So that's what he is... I'd seen another picture of one and was wondering - very unusual markings on his back.

Back when I used to go pack mountain bike riding around here, people would draw straws to see who would be "Spiderman". Spidey was the leader and was the person who had to ride through the webs first. A real tradeoff because everyone wanted to be the leader and determine the ride route, but no one really liked being "Spiderman". The first break for water was always funny when Spidey tried to get the webs off face and helmet...

Jenny said...

Holy crap, that spider is creeping me out.

JG said...

Checked out the geoevent page and now I'm wondering what your geoname is.

I'm JerseyGirl & Bruno from Lakeland.

Kerith Collins said...

that is the grossest, scariest, and coolest spider i have ever seen!...we don't have anything like that here in Iowa!