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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Holidays and 3 year olds!

My little guy is 3 1/2 years old and this is the first Halloween that he's really starting to comprehend. Today we decorated and he got SO excited! The skeleton we hung on the door was "cweepy!" He loves the fiber optic black cat we have and was amazed by our cauldron that has a blazing fake fire in it. "Cool! Amazing!" are his favorite words to say when he is impressed with something, and he said them alot today. (He also says them everytime we go to Home Depot. "Oh, new fans! Amazing!!!") But the funniest thing is that for the past 3 days, he has been going on and on about "Trick-or-Treat time". He wants it NOW! I keep telling him that it's not time yet, but it will be very soon. He doesn't get it. He wants to trick-or-treat right now, dammit! I feel kind of bad for him. I'm feeling his pain (hahaha)...I know when you're that little it is SO hard to have to wait for things. But at the same time, I'm having a blast seeing him so into a holiday for the first time. I mean, REALLY into it. It's so fun to watch his face light up with "amazement" at all the cweepy and scary stuff. He thinks it's all so cool and fun. And it is.

I am seriously dreading Christmas though. You know how the stores start decorating even before Thanksgiving. Hell, they do it right after Halloween. Yeah, take down the grim reaper and throw up Santa! Geesh!! Well, I have a feeling that my little squirt is going to go bonkers over Christmas this year...and I'll be dealing with it for almost 2 months! I've already decided we won't be able to put any presents under the tree, for anybody, until Christmas Eve because the Squirt WILL open them. I can already hear the daily questions..."Is it Christmas yet?" "Presents now?" "I want to see Santa Claus" "Is it Christmas yet?" "Is it Christmas yet?" "Is it Christmas yet?"'s going to be especially fun this year, but at the same time, expecially trying!

Oh, while I'm talking about the Squirt, I have to say what he made me the other day. I got him these strawberry chiller things and yesterday morning he wanted one. Ok, sure. Fine. Here ya go. I hear him go into the fridge a few minutes later, but didn't really pay any attention to what he was doing. Next thing I know, he brings me his strawberry chiller in it's cup, but it looked a little soupy. He said, "A present for you!".
"Oh, thanks, sweetheart! What is it?"
"stwaberries and milk and hot sauce!", he said proudly.
"Oh, thanks, but Mommy's really not very hungry right now. I just had a bagel."
"Just one sip! A present for you! I made it!"
"Okay, just a tiny sip." I put it to my lips and faked the sip. I had to. I couldn't bring myself to put that concoction into my mouth. I told him to put it in the fridge and I'd eat it all up later.

When he took a nap later, I seized the opportunity to pour it down the drain!

He never mentioned it again. Whew!!! That was a close one.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Well Costco has Christmas stuff up in Sept and there are people buying it! This is really an amazing world. I've got some chocolates ready for Halloween, last year no kid turned up, this year I'm hoping there will be some :)

lisa's chaos said...

Typically I'm like you and can't believe they shove the halloween stuff out then pile the xmas stuff in. But this year I'm looking for some items to make my Christmas cards with so I am anxiously awaiting the pile. :)

Your little one sounds amazing! I hope we get to see photos of him all dressed up. :)

Anonymous said...

When my kids were little, and couldn't understand the wait for Christmas, I went to a card shop and bought an Advent Calender. The wait was more understandable when they got to open a new window every evening, and they could see how many were left until the big day.
Sayre's Mom

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

i would say 2 things. #1 put other people's presents under the tree. tell him that this one is for aunt mary. etc. if you have to, have him HELP YOU WRAP. Then explain again, this is for aunt mary. you're not to touch it. a 3.5 year old should know enough to "not touch" when they're told. you're not giving him enough credit. and the second thing.. i would do an advent calendar or at least a "mark off the day" calendar at your so choosing. Put a red X on the day at the end of the day. Then he'll be able to see how it's progressing. One day at a time. It can even be a learning experience, ie how many days til Christmas can you count. he may not be able to, but at least it will keep you from going nuts and teach him some things along the way. remember, we'll cross off the day before you go to bed...

SwampAngel65 said...

THANKS for the great idea, Sayre's Mom and Jill!! I hadn't even thought about advent calendars yet, but that will work great...I hope!

Thanks again for your comments and advice :)

susan said...

My cousins and I used to make awful conncoctions and dare each other to drink them. Your son is just getting a head start on the grossness! LOL

Floridacracker said...

Yes, Advent calendars are great with little ones. My three loved them.
I did too when I was little.

Good for you for braving a taste of the little guy;s concoction!