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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fun Monday! Favorite Art

For today's Fun Monday, Sayre says...

"Brush off your interview skills. Talk to everyone who lives in your house. I want to know what their, and your, favorite piece of art is in your home. Photographs do not count. If there was a fire in your home, everyone would grab photographs, but what is the non-photographic piece of art you would grab on your way out - and why? (Edit: These don't have to be paintings - these can be wall hangings, statues, lumps of clay by your child, anything that is artistic expression of some kind EXCEPT photographs.)"

Well, this statue is my favorite piece of art in my house. It's been in my family as long as I can remember. When my mom was a nurse, one of her patients had made it and gave it to her. I can't remember his name (it's not signed), but I'm sure my mom can remember it. She says alot of his works are at the University of Miami, too. General consensus in our family is that it is Adam after eating the apple and realizing he's nekkid. Any other thoughts???

I know we weren't allowed to have any photographs as our favorites, but I think this one should be acceptable. It is VERY old and belonged to my Grandpa. It's a photograph of Granada Entrance in Coral Gables, Florida. But it's not like a regular photo at all. It's large, about 20" x 26", and it's been colorized. It even has some texture to it. It's really nice and kind of unusual. This is my Mom's favorite since it reminds her of her childhood.
My oldest son's fave is this signed Christie Matthews print of 3 manatees. He just likes it because he likes manatees. I like it, too, but mostly because of who gave it to me. Sorry the pic isn't that great...OMG, I just realized you can see me in it! ugh...
Well, I didn't ask my hub what his fave is, or my 3 year old, so I didn't totally complete this mission. Such is life. I barely finish anything these days! Anyay, hope you enjoyed my little pieces of art and I can't wait to read and see what everyone else's are :)
NOTE: To those who may be wondering why I've been so off topic lately, I prmise to have a new post tomorrow. Nothing exciting since I haven't been anywhere, but I'll post some pics of my garden or something!


Anonymous said...

Your sculpture looks lika a Rallph Hurst piece. If it is, you have a real treasure.

Movies to add to your list: "Gal Youngin", "Ruby in Paradiswe", "Yulee's Gold"


A fellow native of Florida, and Sayre's mom.

nikki said...

What an interesting collection. Your photograph is definitely more a work of art!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I love the sculpture, too. Very "talkative" isn't it?

SwampAngel65 said...

Thanks Sayre's Mom! I've only seen "Yulee's Gold", but yes, I should add it. I'll ave to check out the others you suggested. "200 Miles from Anywhere Else"...who wrote that? I'll have to check that out too! Mom says the sculpture's last name was Charles. I should do some research.

Thanks, Nikki. I agree!

LOL, AFF, yes...he says alot without opening his mouth. And we've had many discussion over who he is and what his "shame" is. I like "Oh *smack* I coulda had a V8!

Blue Momma said...

Great collection. I really like the sculpture, though it would last about 2 minutes here. My son refused to let anything remain standing in his presence!

SwampAngel65 said...

Same here, Blue Momma...that statue is waaaay up high on top of a shelf in the dining room...almost out of sight, out of mind!

susan said...

I can see why the statue is your favorite, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

It has been years since I read the book, and could only think of the sub-title. It is actually THE OTHER FLORIDA, by Gloria Jahoda. Most bookstores still carry it.

Victor Nunez is a Florida based director whose movies are set in the Florida panhandle. The most recent is "Coastlines".

"Something Wild" a Jonathan Demme film, was shot in and around Tallahassee.

"Country Blue" is the work of director Jack Conrad (the son of my mother's dentist.)

Sayre's Mom

Pamela said...

I can only see your fingers and the camera. your fingers looked like sea life on the bottom of the picture.

as for the sculpture... I think it is a woman who just looked at her EPT and it was positive

dawn said...

Those are beautiful works of art, and I definitely think that one of you grandpa's since it is coloured and framed and not like a regular photo. Good choices.

my4kids said...

I like the sculpture and the pictures. I like manatee's also.

SwampAngel65 said...

Pamela, you just started my day off laughing my butt off! From now on, everytime I look at that statue, I'll be thinking ,"Oh, God..I'm pregnant!" LOL!!

Sayre's Mom - Thanks! I just put a request in at my library for that book! I'll have to see if I can find those movies, too. Thanks a bunch :)

Thanks for the nice words Susan, Dawn and My4Kids!

Kaytabug said...

oh wow all of those are great! I love love that old photo!!! Defiantly art since no one makes photos like that anymore!

I am cracking up at what you and Pamela had the sculpture say!!!

Sayre said...

Wow - I LOVE your statue! Of course, having a personal history with it makes it all the better, don't you think?

I like your Photograph too. We have an entry arch in town that isn't used anymore, but no one wants to tear it down. Even though it's not used any more, the subdivision and the city just spent a lot of money to restore it. I should go take a picture of it myself!

Manatees - we have those in the Wakulla River. One year, we had the honor of being the first spotters during a kayak trip.

I think the Fun Monday rules are really just jumping-off places... almost no one follows them exactly!