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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today at work...

This is some of the pine rockland where I work. Not my favorite area. I like the shade and dampness of the hammocks.
This is more what I like. You can't really see them very good in this picture, but there are caves here, and they're actually pretty big.

Today at work I got bored and decided to drive around the trails and see what I could find. No sign of the fox from yesterday, but that didn't surprise me at all since I was driving around in a very noisy gas-powered EZGO! What I did find were lots more liguus snails. I don't want to bore y'all, so I promise, no more snail stuff for a while. This will be the last of them (for now?).

I just think they're pretty and try to find as many different ones as I can. These I found without even having to go off-trail.

I found this pretty flower, but I can't find what it is. I hate when that happens...makes me feel like a big dummy.

This is easy - Snowberries!

I also ran into this big mama, a Golden Orb. Last year at this time, these were everywhere. I would kill time by tossing small leaves into their webs and watch them scurry over and tackle it. They would then, with extreme grandeur, toss the offensive leaf out of the web. Very entertaining! Folks I work with thought I was nuts until I showed them. Cheap natural entertainment! So far this summer, though, I haven't seen many around.


scg said...

Great photos, thank you for sharing!
Hey, exactly where do you work? Sure beats my office window!!!

SwampAngel65 said...

I work in a park in the Homestead area. It's usually a very quiet place...a little too quiet at times, but I love the feeling of really being "out there", eventhough I'm really not. Did that make sense?

Glad you enjoy my pictures!

misti said...

:) Love the photos! The snails are lovely and very cool! :)

lisa's chaos said...

Love the photos!! The snails are Awesome!