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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lake Placid~ The Caladium Capital of the World!

Lake Placid is a small town 150 miles north, northwest of Miami, off US 27. There is no movie theater, no mall, no Starbucks. But they do have a bowling alley, 3 grocery stores, and one of the cutest downtown areas you'd ever want to see!

The thing I'm going to hit on today are all the wonderful and fun murals that can be found throughout downtown Lake Placid. BTW, it's also called "The Town of Murals" imagine that! The best thing to do its to find a nice place to park, grab your camera and just start walking around. There is a mural on just about every building in town. Even the garbage cans have been painted and are fun to see.

One of the garbage cans...

This is one of my favorites ~

This one usually has sound effects, but it's been down for a while now :(I took alot more pictures today, but I think I should space them out. Don't want to bore anybody to death!


SCG said...

Lake Placid is indeed a lovely place. In fact, my wife and I will be going up there this weekend to celebrate her parent's 60th wedding anniversary!

Great photographs, and a beautiful blog. Keep it up!

PS: I was born in Miami too! (But now can't wait to leave!)


Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING to do in Lake Placid! My kids were board to death. No pool, forget about clothes shopping. Places to eat are scarce if they are even open.

SwampAngel65 said...

Oh, so sorry "anonymous" pool but tons of LAKES to swim in. Plenty of restaurants, but no 5 stars like it sounds you may be used to. Shopping? Why would someone go anywhere except maybe New York with the thought of "Oh Boy, lets go shop for clothes!!!" Lake Placid is not a town for snobs who have to be entertained every minute of the day. It is the perfect place for those who love nature and peace and quiet. It's an excellent place to kids AWAY from TVs and all that junk, and get their butts outside for a change! So, so sorry you can't appreciate the truly finer things in life.