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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good and Sad

I did it. I started another blog.  This one is all about restoring an old Shasta trailer that George just bought.

In other news, late last night, our lab, Indiana, passed away.  She was 15 and had been through so much...cancer, amputation, pharengial paralysis (I know I spelled that wrong), seizures, parvo, etc...  so last night, with Sam and myself by her side, she passed on.  It was hard, but I know she is much happier now.  No arthritis, no doggie alzheimers, no more uncontrollable pooping. She's good now. She has cousins up in heaven to swim with and my dad to play fetch with.

I know she'll be with us again one day.

I'll have to find a picture of her to post.  

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Sayre said...

Losing dogs, especially good dogs, is so hard. Even though we've only had Abby for a short time, and we KNOW we're essentially providing doggie hospice, it's going to be hard to lose her. I've lost amazing dogs over the years and I'm not looking forward to losing more - but that's the price we pay for having them here with us in the first place.